Suggestions for use...

So…how could this video series be used?

1.          It could be used for personal use and edification, much like the reading of a book…to enable an individual to extend their thinking, develop understanding of the culture they are immersed in, and become aware of the worldviews that drive the society of which they are a part.

2.          It could be used in various small groups, to produce all of the above mentioned ends in the individuals involved in the group. This could be a family group, some sort of independent study group, or a home group attached to a church.
In a group setting, depending on the groups setup, perhaps the first two or three episodes could be viewed in one session. Each of these episodes are shorter than the others…13…17…and 28 minutes respectively, and flow together to bring an understanding of the concept of worldviews, giving an all up viewing time for the three of 58 minutes. Discussion, thoughts, and questions could occur between each episode.

3.          It could be used for church wide home group studies, depending on the size of the church, and how any home groups are structured in relation to the whole church. At the moment the pricing options focus on individual and small group use rather than wider church use, but pricing for church wide use, is being thought about and may be added to the present two options. If this use is desired, contact me and the matter can be discussed.

4.          Smaller churches or home churches could perhaps use the series for their Sunday teaching time, with discussion following…once again depending on how formally or informally structured the church and its full church meetings are.

5.          It could be used for study groups run by Christian groups on College or University Campuses, to equip students to deal with the philosophies they face in their studies.

6.          It could be used for individual or small disciplining type situations, to help give new believers a holistic worldview foundation for their faith.

7.          It could be used in Christian Apologetics training type situations, to help equip people in evangelising those around them, neighbours, work mates, sports associates, etc.