Greg Koukl: Putting a stone in a person's shoe...

Greg Koukl, is the founder of the Christian apologetics ministry, ‘Stand to Reason’ (, and author of the Book ‘Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions’, which has recently been updated to a 10th Anniversary Edition. (See) For years I have used a similar approach to that which Greg’s outlines in Tactics, though I have never formalised it in the manner in which he has. The nearest I have come to formalising it is in a piece, On writing to print media…etc

Greg had this excellent interview/discussion where he discussed some of the tactics he proposes, and I think it fits perfectly with what I have produced in my video series, ‘Worldviews in Conflict’. I have thus embedded the discussion above for your benefit.

In the discussion Greg, by and large, presupposes that Christians have ‘Christian convictions’, meaning, that they understand the content of the Faith. What they lack he suggests are tools which enable them to communicate these convictions to non-Christians, most being freaked out by the thought of talking to others about the Faith…and being ill-equipped to do so…yet at the same time knowing that it is part of their responsibility as Christians, a sure recipe for feelings of guilt. Thus he provides ‘tactics’ which can enable Christians to engage with confidence, any non-Christian, under any circumstance.

While I completely agree with his tactical approach, I confess to being somewhat skeptical regarding many Christian’s ‘Christian convictions’, that is, understanding of the Faith. Greg alludes to this problem towards the end of the discussion when talking about atheists using tactics similar to his, to create doubt in the minds of Christians who do not adequately understand the Faith. Perhaps many don’t share the Faith, not only because they lack tactics to do so, but because they have very little coherent to say.

My video series, in a sense deals with matters prior to what Greg is suggesting. It’s aimed at equipping Christians with an understanding and clarification of Christianity and Humanism in worldview terms, which can then be communicated via such tactics as Greg outlines. This understanding and clarification of the Faith, and the thought forms of those surrounding us, will help Christians communicate the big picture of the Faith through the use of these tactics.

I highly recommend this interview/discussion.